04 PM | 11 Oct

Need More Space? No Need to Buy a Bigger House — Just Think Smart.

Wide empty interior house spacePricing always seems to be an issue, especially in major investments. Before, land was readily available, and people were able to build their homes with more than enough space. But now, with land prices costing a premium, people are forced to build something smaller than desired.

Unconventional Space Saving

This may include using sliding doors — be it for rooms or closets — instead of the traditional door, which takes up space when opening and closing it. Another example: suspended stairs. These allow homeowners to use the space underneath the stairs as a work or study area. One also has the option of placing drawers under the stair’s treads for even more storage.

Finding Ways

Smart homeowners, however, are finding ways to deal with this constraint and incorporating them into the design of their homes. The result is a home with a more spacious living area that helps calm the soul in a very stressful world.

Using Multipurpose Furniture

One trick that savvy homeowners are doing is to use multipurpose furniture to maximise lots of space. These might include ottomans that can store things inside, sofa beds that can serve as a comfortable spot to watch TV and also provide a place for guests to sleep in, and shelves and tables with drawers to provide extra storage. While you can purchase some of these at your nearest furniture store, others are custom-made to fit the home’s needs.

Tricks of Perception

Yes, you can enlarge the perception of the house by using lighter colours. Light shades make the home seem more spacious. This is also why you need appropriate lighting. The darker the area, the more compact it feels. Strategically placed mirrors also help make the place look wider than they seem by creating an illusion of an extended room.

Removing Junk

Finally, it is simply best to de-clutter the home. Keep only what is essential, and give away things barely used. So many items around the home make the place seem smaller than it is and may even add to the stress that people feel as there is so much to take in.

In this economy, not everyone now can have that big home they’ve always wanted. But, it is still possible to have something spacious enough. Homeowners just have to be aware of the several space-saving options and put them to use.