08 AM | 21 Sep

Your Quick Guide to Designing Your Business Parking Lot

Parking Space of an Office Building

When it comes to attracting store customers, more store owners should also consider parking spaces for their clients. Some store owners take it for granted and do not do much to provide this essential service. When you optimize your parking space, it provides your clients with a necessary amenity and acts as an attraction to potential customers.

But it can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you have limited space. If you are looking for some ways to improve the design of your parking lot, here are some useful tips that could help you optimize that parking area.

Plan the area

You might think a parking lot does not need a lot of planning, especially if you think it’s just bare space. But you need to identify the thickness of the pavement and the road so it could withstand the weight and stress of any vehicle that will stay there for some time. Many paving contractors in Kansas City explain that this is crucial in making sure that your parking lot will remain functional for the longest time.

Identify the number of slots

If you have limited space, you need to consider the number of slots that could fit within the specified area. You also need to prepare portions of the space for other purposes, such as utilities, gates, and landscaping. On top of that, you need to determine whether you want to save a slot for bicycles and motorcycles.

Follow the traffic flow

Design the parking area according to the flow of traffic so any vehicle moving in and out could move with ease and will not cause serious issues with the traffic flow. It’s best to place traffic signs so drivers will know where to enter and exit. You also need to provide a space and lighting for pedestrians.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind if you want to optimize your parking space. Consider the local traffic regulations in your city and how much space you can spare for this basic amenity.

02 AM | 12 Sep

Home Sweet Home: 4 Elements of a Family-Friendly Home

a happy family is on the sofa

It’s a whole new house hunting game when you’re buying a family-friendly home. If before, when you were just a couple, any space that’s close to your Kansas City office will do. Now, you’re looking for a space that’s conducive for raising responsible, socially intelligent kids. So much for the overwhelming responsibility, right? Well, that’s the reality of parenting. But don’t fret. The trick here is to know your priorities. Here are the things you should look for when viewing new homes:


Families often bond in kitchens and dining areas. This is where you’ll most likely spend your weekends with kids baking and cooking with them. Or, on weekdays, helping them work on their school projects and preparing their breakfast meals before school. So, it’s important to consider the size of this area of the house. You may want to consider visiting the new homes for sale in Overland Park, KS. Such properties have spaces ideal for families.


A dedicated area for kids’ recreation is a must-have. For younger children, it will be easier for them to understand that toys must be kept in their playroom and not be taken to the kitchens or bathrooms. This saves you from the nerve-wracking mess of toys scattered around the house and the tragedy of stepping on Legos. If there’s no assigned space for a playroom, see if there’s an additional room, say a basement or an attic, you can repurpose.

Outdoor Space

While your kids can play inside your home, it’s also important to let them explore the outdoors safely. And that safe exploration can very well happen within your yard. Health experts say that outdoor play stimulates creative thinking and facilitates better physical health for kids, so you want your new home to be equipped with a space in which they can do such.


It’s not just about getting a family-friendly home, a family-friendly community is also a must. When you drive up to properties in Kansas City, be conscious of your potential neighbors as well. Do they have kids the same age as yours? Do their kids walk to school every day? Do they have, once in a while, backyard barbecue parties? All these will tell you that it’s a safe, family-friendly community you’re looking at.

Remember, the house you’re getting has a huge impact on your kids’ development and well-being. So, make sure get the right, family-friendly home.

05 AM | 17 Aug

Pool Heating 101: A Closer Look at Pool Heating Technologies

indoor poolIt must have been exciting to see your pool construction come to completion. Probably, it was your spouse or kids that compelled you to build the pool for them. You agreed since nothing has been more fulfilling than to see them having fun and be happy.

You now want to extend that fun to the nights and cold seasons — this means you need to heat the pool water. Every homeowner in Perth would agree that installing heat pumps in their pools has since enhanced the usability of their swimming pools.

However, Pool Heat Pumps Perth notes that it is imperative you get specific issues right before you call in your pool products supplier and installer.

How does solar heating compare to heat pumps?
Solar heating has long since been a conventional means to warm pool water as it only requires solar panels to harness solar energy, with pipes through which the pool water circulates.

Heat pumps, on the other hand, have fans that suck in warm air from the immediate surroundings and pass the air to a refrigerant produces heat, which circulates through the pump.

How much does it cost to install the heat pumps?

Heat pumps can cost up to $6,000, with the installation costing you between 10–15% of the price of the equipment.

Can you claim rebates by using heat pumps?

Yes. Since heat pumps are environmentally friendly and they generate more energy than the one you use to run them, you qualify for a Renewable Energy Certificate. That means that you also can claim up to $500 worth of rebates.

It does pay to know the various elements that come with your pool heating equipment. Also, working with a reputable, licensed pool heating service provider will assure you of quality products and safety as they will follow set pool building standards.

As a homeowner in Perth, you also file for tax deductions from using heat pumps. All these make it clear that installing the right pool heating solution is a win-win for you.

08 AM | 26 Jun

Window Treatment Shopping: Which One is Right for You?

Woman Looking Outside the Window

Drapes or Shades?

Choosing the right window treatments can be tricky, confusing, and irritating all at the same time. Places like Jo-Vin offer a wide array of treatments to choose from but you need to narrow down your choices and get the most suitable one for your windows. Thankfully, such places are also usually keen on lending a helping hand in the selection process.

Always ask yourself which window treatments you need and want. Are you leaning towards drapes or are you more of a shades person? If that doesn’t narrow it down, think of the window treatment’s purpose. Are you after privacy or is it purely for aesthetic purposes?

Your budget also plays a part in your decision. Window treatments are always priced by size so be sure to get your measurements right to avoid spending needlessly.

Different Window Treatments


Blinds are usually the cheapest window treatments  available. They offer little to no style but are great for providing privacy and filtering sunlight. However, they’re also a magnet for dust, so you better be prepared to clean them often. Blinds are best for rooms that need the most privacy, such as bathrooms and first-floor bedrooms.


If you want the functionality of blinds but also want some style, you can opt for shades. Although shades don’t have slats that blinds have for filtering sunlight, they come in various levels of opacity. They also come in black-out and motorization options, for maximum privacy and optimal convenience respectively. Depending on the type, shades can also be an energy-efficient option.


The possibilities with drapes are endless. With so many options available, you may have difficulty pinpointing which one best suits to your needs. Living and dining areas may have aesthetically pleasing drapes which allow natural light in. On the other end of the scale are blackout drapes which are suitable for nurseries and bedrooms, as they serve as a barrier to light and help keep the space temperate.

These are just some of the basics when it comes to window treatments. Consult a designer or a window treatments specialist about your particular needs. They’ll help you choose the most practical type of treatment for your windows.

07 AM | 07 Jun

Guide to Buying a House in the Philippines

Real Estate Agent Showing the Property

Whether you’re buying your first house or not, the process can be complicated and tedious. While choosing a house in communities like Lancaster New City can be quite overwhelming, reading reviews about the property can help you with your decision-making.

Asking questions is also normal, especially when you’re buying a house for the first time. That’s why it’s important to understand that there’s no such thing as a dumb question.

There are several questions that most home buyers seem to ask often. Some questions are about the contract, how the offer is made, and all other factors that may play a role in the entire home buying process. Southpropertysale.ph outlines some of the most common ones.

Does the developer offer any discounts?

Some real estate developers offer discounts only if you know how to negotiate. Others even offer pre-selling promotions and other incentives, such as free furnishings, depending on various factors that may play a role in the actual date of completion of the property.

Does the developer have a license to sell?

You should also ask the seller or the agent/broker of the developer if the real estate project has a license to sell and is registered through the HLURB. You can always check the authenticity of the license on the HLURB website.

How will your house look once it’s ready for a turnover?

You should know the standard finishes included in the project. The model house may look different from the actual turnover of the unit. To keep yourself from getting disappointed, it’s always best to ask the finishes that will be included in the turnover.

These are just a few of the questions you may want to ask the real estate agent about the property. It’s always best to take things seriously, especially with such a huge purchase.

01 AM | 13 May

Factors to Consider When Applying for In-House Financing

Couple reading documentCouple reading documentIn-house financing usually offers a convenient way to realize your dream of owning a house and lot in the Philippines. Compared with banks, developers are generally more lenient when it comes to approving housing loans.

Most Lancaster New City reviews on websites such as Cavite Properties would say that they ask fewer documents and process applications in less time. If you want to obtain a mortgage ASAP, in-housing financing is an attractive direction to take.

But then again, it’s not for everybody. In many cases, in-house financing options might not provide the most favorable deal. To know whether it’s for you, and to manage your expectations, consider these important factors.


Developers typically charge higher interest rates than banks do. In hopes of providing loans faster to their property buyers, they tend to take greater risks in lending a serious amount of money.

Although the deal you qualify for entirely depends on your developer’s assessment, expect to pay a slightly high rate if you don’t have stellar credentials.

Credit History

Your credit history would hardly cause your loan application denial. In fact, you might qualify even if you have unpaid credit cards in the past. As long as you have a steady of source of income, even if you’re an online worker, OFW, or self-employed individual, the developer would say yes to your mortgage request.

However, your credit history might affect the interest rate you will get. If you have a spotty history of repaying your debts, you might qualify for the loan but with high interest.

Maximum Term

The maximum term in-house financing lenders usually allow is 10 years. Whether you’re employed locally or overseas, you might not get a mortgage longer than that. A 10-year housing loan has its pros and cons. It might minimize your interest because you’ll be able to finish your mortgage in less time.

You might qualify even if you’re already of advanced age. Generally, you must not be over 60 years old when the loan matures. And since the maximum term is only good for 10 years, you might qualify even if you’re past the age of 50.

On the downside, your monthly payments might be larger because you have less time to repay what you borrowed. Considering your mortgage will be secured by your property, make sure you can manage them to avoid defaulting on your loan.

Exercise due diligence to determine whether in-house financing is for you. If you feel it doesn’t make sense to your situation, consider the financial products banks and Pag-IBIG provide.

07 AM | 16 Apr

3 Items You Should Invest in for Your Condo

condominium units

Living in a condo is something you may want to consider if you are working in a city or you want a small space all for yourself. But it may come with some challenges, given the small space for your things. As such, you need to decide which items to prioritize.

When choosing items for your condo, you need to pick the ones that will serve you for a long time. They should be integral to your daily life. Choosing house items to invest in may make you feel confused or overwhelmed, so this guide lists the three must-haves for your condo.

A good bed

Beds can be expensive, but that’s because you’re going to use it for a long, long time. This is why you shouldn’t fret when you spend a dime on it. You may choose a bed frame with shelves underneath to save space. For comfort, 2brothersmattress.com says that you need to get a mattress that has proper support. Don’t be a cheapskate on this one and make the right investment.

Modular shelves

Space can be an issue, so you need to maximize what you have. What you should get is a set of modular shelves. For one, you may get a dresser that doubles as a vanity. Instead of using large cabinets, you can use floating shelves to save floor space. Go for a daybed that has compartments underneath.

An air-conditioner

Comfort is of utmost importance, so make sure you have an air-conditioner. This will get you through hot summer days. Furthermore, it will help regulate the humidity within your condo, reducing the chances of molds.

These are just three of the things you need to buy for your condo. If you can’t decide which items to prioritize, list them all down and rank them based on how much you need them.

10 AM | 09 Apr

How to Fix Common Retaining Wall Failure Issues

Contractors fixing a wall

Retaining walls support a mass of soil laterally for purposes like roadway overpasses or hillside farming. However, they may cave under pressure of the materials they are supporting if they are not built properly.

This rarely occurs, but retaining walls can still collapse rapidly under the lateral forces. Failure may cause the complete collapse of the structure, so be sure to contact your trusted retaining wall contractor in Bay of Plenty immediately.

Here are common failure issues:

Poor engineering

Failure due to flaws in the design should almost never happen. Be sure to hire a reputable, trained and certified contractor to design and build your wall considering the specific conditions of the location.

Saturated backfill/soil

Water can significantly increase the current pressure on the wall. Grading the side, using drainage channels or tiles, and using a backfill material that drains well can ease the stress and remove excess water build-up.

Foundation settlement

Prior to construction, the contractor should compact the soil properly. This will reduce the risk of settlement that can result in cracking or collapsing.

There are many other factors that can contribute to the failure of a retaining wall. Often, they result from not taking into account the condition of the site. Experts recommend having yearly inspections to fix small issues before they cause further damage. Spring is the ideal season to do this since you will also find out if the wall can withstand snowmelt and rainstorms.

Look for signs of drainage problem such as the build-up of sediment at the base of the wall or materials sticking out. Maintenance is the key to preventing the complete excavation of the wall.

When designed and fortified correctly, a retaining wall can have a long lifespan. It can also provide functionality and aesthetic appeal on your site. Correcting failures is always an option for those who want to avoid costly excavation.

07 AM | 19 Mar

4 Smart Ways to Make the Most Out of a Small Living Space

A small house

If you are like most people, your idea of the perfect home is a place that is not just gorgeous, but also spacious enough to move around. Unfortunately, sometimes you must make do with limited space. But do not let that stop you from living comfortably. With these ingenious ideas, you can maximise that small space and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Invest in sliding doors

Internal cavity sliding doors are popular for their elegance. But more than that, these doors are perfect for squeezed spaces. A hinged door requires enough space to swing open. A cavity door, on the other hand, simply slides into the wall, allowing you to optimise all the space in your house.

Divide your home into zones

If you are going to be living in one room, then you need to think about everything you need to do in the space. Create separate zones for eating, working, relaxing, sleeping and so on. There are many smart ways to do that. You could try using a curtain to evoke rooms or strategically place a table.

Choose versatile pieces of furniture

Since you cannot afford to buy too many pieces of furniture when you have to work with a tiny space, you need to be smart about what you purchase. Opt for pieces you can use for multiple functions. For example, buy a table that you can use as both a dining table and a desk. Buy a sofa that can also serve as a guest bed.

Go for custom storage solutions

There are numerous creative storage solutions for small spaces. You can opt for built-ins and storage nooks. Go for furniture with hidden storage spaces also. As much as possible, save valuable square footage by adopting storing most of your stuff on your walls.

Living in a small house does not mean that you cannot enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. All it takes is a little bit of planning and creativity, and you will find that it is easy to make the most out of the space.

12 PM | 22 Feb

Meth House: Separating Facts from Myths

Smoking or making meth leaves a trail of chemicals, which saturates the floors, ceilings, walls, and carpets. These chemicals include lithium, iodine, mercury and other poisonous solvents. For every pound of meth manufactured, you produce at least six pounds of poisonous waste.

The slightest exposure to even the smallest amounts of this poison ruins the nervous system, blood production mechanisms, and liver functions. Furthermore, exposure further triggers congenital disabilities and growth and development problems for unborn as well as young children.

This is why meth testing here in Utah is critical. That said, what are the myths surrounding meth homes?

You can find meth by using hairspray or starch spray

It is true that if starch is sprayed on a contaminated surface, the surface will turn to be purple-red. This is because of iodine that is present in the manufacture of meth. Unfortunately, this method is not reliable nor is it sensitive.

That means, you can sprinkle starch, and the color purple does not appear, but the house still has meth. As such, professional meth testing should be undertaken.

If you cannot smell it, it is not there

In the yesteryears, meth manufacture produced a bad odor similar to a cat’s urine. This is because of the old methods used that are out of date now. However, with recent advanced methods minimal or no odor is left behind by production or use of meth.

This leaves your potential house without any odor or visual clue.

They only smoked in the house and never used it as a lab

A majority of people do not realize that smoking meth even once in a house makes it uninhabitable. Smoking burns up the toxins resulting in 100% contamination every time. That means smoking is more dangerous to a house compared to some methods of manufacturing.

It is always critical to test any property before purchasing or renting, particularly if there is any suspicion regarding meth abuse. While meth detection and elimination procedures are time-consuming and expensive, they are cheaper than the health effects brought about by meth.