01 AM | 11 May

Risks Associated with DIY Rodent Control Methods

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Infestation of your home by rodents might cause you a major headache. They will eat your food and scurry around causing irritating noise and embarrassment. Most homeowners will search the internet for the perfect solution to their home’s rodent menace.

There are many websites offering advice on rodent control for residents of Boca Raton, FL. Apart from the fact, these control measures are primarily inefficient; they expose you to a lot of risks. Here are some of the dangers associated with DIY rodent control.

Possible Rodent Attack

Traps are the typical solution for homeowners who opt for DIY rodent control. These traps do not kill the rodents, but will significantly agitate them.

Any attempts to kill them at this point might result in you incurring severe injuries. Most store-bought rodenticides also agitate the pests, and they might attack you after ingesting them.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Store-bought rodent control products use toxic, harsh chemicals to kill mice and rats. Handling these chemicals irritates your hands and might cause grave injuries when inhaled.

Their improper application also exposes your pets and household to the chemicals. Your home’s inhabitants might be poisoned through inhalation of the powders or ingestion of the chemicals in food and water.

Exposure to Pathogens

There are many pathogens transmitted by rodents. Rat urine, for instance, spreads leptospirosis, which causes significant kidney and liver damage.

The saliva of rodents contains lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus which causes life-threatening meningitis, meningoencephalitis and encephalitis. Accessing their hiding places to place traps and rodenticides exposes you to these pathogens.

There is no need to expose yourself and your household to all the risks above and yet not get rid of rodents. The simple solution for efficient rodent control is to hire a professional pest control company.

These experts will assess your rodent menace and use the best methods to get rid of these pests without compromising your household’s safety.

06 PM | 02 May

4 Ways to Ensure Your Home is Private

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Our houses are our safe havens, so we want it to be as private as possible. Even if you are not a celebrity, you know the feeling of wanting to be able to enjoy your personal space without other people peeking into whatever what you are doing. This is also a concern that is related to your home’s security.

Here are four tips that can help you make your home more private:

Install blinds

Having curtains is a cool way to have privacy in your home. But if you want to go more techie, it would be better to have motorized blinds installed on your windows. Motorized blinds are easier to manage as you have to push a button to open and close it. Look fora supplier of custom motorized blinds to make sure that your home is private.

Plant evergreens in your backyard

Plants are a great privacy tool because they are gentle and more natural compared to walls or fences. It would be preferable to pick evergreens as they grow all year-round and look beautiful.

Use frosted or tinted glass for windows

Frosted and tinted glass are awesome ways to still keep the light in a while not giving strangers outside a full peek at what is inside.

Have a security system installed

Nosy neighbors and strangers do not want to be mistaken for burglars. So the fact that you will have a security system installed in your home is already a big plus. People will try to avoid your home the moment they see the security cameras zooming in on them.

As the owner of the house, it is well within your limits to make sure that your home is private. If you are to enjoy your home, you should not have to worry about strangers knowing what you are doing inside.

10 AM | 20 Apr

4 Effective Ways to Clean Your Pool

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Cleaning your pool isn’t science. In fact, the Kansas City-based concrete contractor who designed your custom pool probably installed filters to keep it clean. Keeping it clean for longer, however, requires more than just having filters. You also need to do your part. Here are a few tips to clean your pool like a pro.

Check the water chemistry

You should first check the pH level of the water. A pool that has a high pH level tends to look cloudy until all of it filters out. There are several affordable test strips that you can use to check the pH level of the water.

Keep the pool deck clean

Keeping the pool clean requires more than just cleaning the water. You need to ensure that the surrounding area is clean as well. So, try to clean the pool deck and ensure that you remove all the dead leaves and other debris that may clog the pool’s filters.

Regularly brush the pool

Try to brush the walls and all the corners of the pool. You need to ensure that you clean all the sides to prevent algae formation. Doing so will make it much easier for the cleaning agent or other sanitizers to exterminate it.

Vacuum your pool every other day

Vacuuming your pool is a great help, especially after the storm where your pool is filled with debris. You may want to clean the pool’s floor every other day or so to ensure that there aren’t any little debris pieces of rock in your pool.

Getting your pool cleaned regularly can help keep its pristine condition. You may want to consider hiring an expert who can do it for you to ensure that everything will be thoroughly cleaned.

01 AM | 28 Mar

What are the Advantages of Greenhouse Gardening?

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Greenhouse gardening offers various benefits that outdoor gardening cannot such as extend the growing season of your plants and provide them protection against bad weather.

You can have more control over the climate inside the greenhouse, so you can plant various plants without having to worry if the plants are getting too much or too little sun. There are several local greenhouse manufacturers you can tap such as Conservatory Craftsmen.

Here are more reasons to get a greenhouse.

Extended Growing Seasons

A greenhouse retains heat because it traps radiation from the sun within the structure, so plants that would otherwise not thrive in colder climates can have a longer growing season. This allows you to harvest and have fresh produce even if they are out of season.

Controlled Environment

A greenhouse provides a haven for plants because the environment inside is much easier to control than the outdoors, so fragile plants have more chances of surviving as they will not be subjected to the harsh weather outside.

It also helps isolate your plants away from pest and rodents that may destroy them.

Versatile Use

You can place any type of plant inside a greenhouse, from vegetables, herbs, and fruits to flower, and they will thrive. Even the most fragile ones can easily survive inside a greenhouse.

Furthermore, it does not only provide a gardening space but can also function as a storage facility for your gardening tools and accessories making them handy while you do your gardening.


Greenhouse gardening is also more environmentally friendly than regular gardening. This is mainly because the plants are isolated away from pests, so you don’t need to use harmful chemicals like pesticides to keep them away.

This helps gardeners harvest organic produce that are free from toxic chemicals.

Final Thoughts

If you are really into gardening, then a greenhouse is a good investment for you. Aside from being able to grow out of season plants, you get to harvest your own food, which helps lower your grocery bills. Plus, you can be sure that the food you and your family eat is free from toxic chemicals.

01 AM | 08 Mar

Types of Decorative Window Films

Residential building with filmed glass exterior

Window films are the latest trend in dressing up windows. Not only do they improve your building’s appearance, but they also protect your upholstery and interiors from harmful UV rays. Tinting your windows will also boost your energy savings by decreasing your building’s cooling costs.

There are various decorative window films now available on the market that offer all the benefits of window tinting without making your building look drab. As such, you need not worry that installing a window film in Dallas, TX, will dampen the look of your building.

Here are a few of the common types of decorative window films.

Textured Films

Rice paper is almost transparent with an embossed pattern designed to let light in but still maintain privacy. It is the ideal choice if you need a lot of natural light while still maintaining privacy.

Frosted films look opaque and have a professional and classy look. You can opt for textured films for offices, conference rooms, and cubicles or your home windows and shower enclosures.

Patterned Films

Tigerstripe, wood grain, and polka dots are some of the available patterns for decorative films. There are endless pattern options now with digital print window films.

The patterns of your decorative film can be shifted to allow light into your room in different ways and to add character to windows. The tint creates a gorgeous pattern in the room when reflected in your rooms.

Customized Films

It is now possible to customize your window film with your company name, logo and adverts for commercial establishments. It is currently one of the most affordable advertising methods.

For residential areas, you could customize the films with your family name.

Professionally installed window films are the best option. These look beautiful and last for a longer time compared with DIY installations. Decorative window films are also quite inexpensive in spite of all the benefits they offer property owners.

05 AM | 29 Jan

5 Reasons to Choose Folding Doors for Your Home

a ray of light passing through an opening door

If it is a question of adding value to your home with a slight touch of elegance, then folding doors are an excellent option. Installing folding doors allows you to enjoy comfort and the convenience of your outdoor living space while you are indoors.

More to that, you will want to look into the following when considering getting sliding folding doors:


Folding doors not only let in natural light but also make your home look modern and sleek. Also, the doors are available in different models and styles to match with your existing home décor, to blend perfectly.

Tighter security

Folding doors have a locking system that is usually along the frames. The multiple locking points offer a higher level of security than other ordinary doors with a single locking point.

More natural light

Folding doors let in natural light regardless of whether your folding doors are open or closed. Natural light brightens your space and makes it look even bigger. You can also enjoy your outdoor and indoor spaces at the same time, thanks to these unique doors.


You can choose to open folding doors to any width of your choice within the door frame. Alternatively, you can customise the door to have splits at specific points. In comparison to the opening of a typical door, the versatility that folding doors offer is incomparable.

Low maintenance

Due to the operating mechanism of folding doors, you can think it is hard to maintain. But that is far from the truth. All you need to keep the door in tip-top shape is only to clean it with a wet cloth, like ordinary doors.

If you are planning to open up your home to the outside without compromising the available space, getting sliding folding doors for your home is an excellent starting point.

01 AM | 31 Dec

3 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Do Before the Year is Out

Woman cleaning her house

The year is quickly drawing to an end, and with Christmas knocking on the door, it’s easy to be caught up in preparation for the celebrations. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s crucial not to forget essential home maintenance projects that will ensure that your home remains in good shape by the time the New Year arrives. Here are some of those projects:

Check your plumbing system

Your plumbing system is an essential component, as it’s responsible for delivering water to and from different parts of your property. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect this important system until disaster strikes. To prevent this, have one of the experienced plumbers in Salt Lake City conduct a thorough inspection of your home and fix any potential problem. You don’t want to cross the year with leaky pipes or clogged drains.

Clean your chimney

Few home maintenance tasks are as unglamorous as cleaning the chimney. That’s why you’ve been postponing it until now. With the new year, now is the time to do that project. Remember that you shouldn’t go a year without cleaning the soot and creosote that collects on the walls of your chimney. Otherwise, you risk a chimney fire — and no one wants that.

Clean your gutters

You know you needed to clean your gutters before winter started, but you didn’t. In fact, you didn’t step on the ladder all year — and now it’s showing. This is the time to take care of all that debris in the gutter, or else you risk your roof and foundation. In case you haven’t noticed, those sagging gutters are doing your home’s visual appeal no favor.

When the festive season is over and life goes back to normal, the one thing you want to be sure of is that your home is in excellent shape. By taking care of those maintenance tasks you’ve been avoiding all year, you can begin the year on a good note.

02 PM | 04 Dec

Christmas Decorations Can Bring More Customers into Your Store

A house with Christmas decoration

There is a reason most companies tend to record high sales during the Holiday season. The mood alone gives people a happy feeling and thus encourages them to spend. Christmas decorations play a vital role in enlightening the spirit of the shoppers. Having your business decorated with Holiday Christmas lights will attract more customers as explained below.

A Trend in Culture

As much as you are a business owner, you are also a shopper. Therefore, to determine whether customers would prefer coming to your shop then you only need to put yourself in their shoes. During this holiday season, most shops are full of Christmas lights.

As a shopper, you will likely visit these stores just because of how attractive they are. The same, however, cannot be said of the shops with no decorations at all. Remember, the brighter and more beautiful the decorations, the more customers.

Employees’ Entertainment

The same way people are usually happy and jovial when living in Christmas decorated homes is the same case with your employees. Engaging your employees in the Christmas mood will help to psych them up; happy employees will offer better services to the customers meaning your sales will most likely improve.

Standing Out

The Christmas period is the best time for you to outdo your competitors in terms of outdoor advertising. By hiring prominent Christmas lighting experts, you can have your business go through a complete makeover.

Since most people will decorate their stores, you need to take your decorations to the next level to ensure you are the talk of the town. If you get your decorations right chances are you will have more customers than you can manage to serve.

Children’s Enjoyment

If your business deals with children supplies and accessories, you must consider Christmas decoration to improve the flow of customers. Decorating your shop will keep children glued to your display window, and parents will have little choice but to give in to their children’s demands.

There you have it; those are some of the reasons you need to consider decorating your business during the Christmas period. Since decorating takes time, you better get down to work and prepare for the festive season before it is too late.

07 PM | 28 Nov

3 Signs That You Need a Pool Makeover

Did you know that swimming is one of the top 5 most popular sport or physical activity in America? Based on figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, swimming is top 4 while walking remains the most popular activity or sport across the country. That’s why despite the availability of public pools in the U.S., many households choose to get their own pool.

Do you have a pool at home? If you’re getting bored with your current pool, you may want to consider getting an upgrade. Here are three signs that your pool needs a makeover.

Your pool has major leak problems.

If you notice that you’re refilling your pool more than the usual, you probably have a leak problem. And major leak problems can be a major headache, not to mention a huge dent in your budget. Spot small issues before they become big problems. Contact a pool contractor in Utah like Dolphin Pools & Spas as soon as you spot signs of leakage.

Your pool was designed and built by the previous owner.

According to statistics from the U.S. Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), there are about 10.4 million residential swimming pools across the country. If your current swimming pool was built by the home’s previous owner and you don’t share the same aesthetic preferences, you may want to consider a renovation. And when you do, upgrade pool features to your liking to increase your investment.

Your pool’s features are old-school.

And speaking of investments, there are many pool features on the market today, and they keep getting better and better. If your current pool features are too old to be cool, do renovate and upgrade. New features make swimming time more enjoyable and owning a pool more worth it.

Upgrade Your Pool Today!

Swimming pools are great investments for your home so make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. If you have the budget, do upgrade your pools so you can better enjoy them.

06 PM | 03 Nov

Buying an Old House in Fairfax, Virginia? Here Are Three Tips for Roof Replacement

Roof tiles being replaced

Fairfax has one of the most colorful histories in the state of Virginia. Founded in 1805, it saw the first land battle during the Civil War and experienced massive economic growth during World War II. By the 1960s and upward, it experienced an influx of domestic migrants who eventually found businesses and built their families.

For this reason, many of the landmarks and even homes for rent or purchase are already old. While many of them have been remodeled or upgraded to be more suitable to current demands, some may still require major repairs. These do not exclude roofs.

How do you go about it? For tips on roof replacement in Fairfax, VA, stbremodeling.com provides the following tips:

1. Request for a roof inspection

No contractor should provide you any roof replacement guarantee until they have already inspected the roof. First, not all issues call for a full replacement. Some may need only a partial replacement. Second, only when one has performed an inspection can they provide the best quotation for the project. An inspection will also ensure your contractor can advise the best type of roof.

Requesting for one should not take a lot of time. Most of all, it must be no charge to you.

2. Get the ideal timeline

Depending on how much work the roof needs, it may take a day or more before a contractor can complete the project. Either way, the company should be able to work around a tight schedule comfortably and assist you in looking for a temporary home while they fix your roof.

3. Know the right kind of roof material

When it comes to choosing your roof material, you need to consider two factors: design and function. Both should go hand in hand. While function ensures your roof can withstand harmful elements, a good design helps increase your property’s resale value.

The best roofing contractors deal with only the most credible vendors in the market. Moreover, they hold adequate certifications to prove they can install these roofs on your property.

Old homes can cause you many problems, but the good news is you can take care most of them in the most cost-effective manner. These include dealing with the right roofing contractors for replacement.