01 AM | 12 Jul

What Should You Consider to Lower Your Water Bills?

Sink drainage working properly after fixing pipes

No matter where you live, it is crucial to conserve water to help reduce your bills. Besides, water is a precious resource that everyone needs to preserve. Cleaning drains, fixing leaks, checking pressure gauges, and repairing faucets are also some solutions that every homeowner should know in case they notice a problem.

To help with reducing your water bills, Alfa Plumbing Services and other renowned plumbing service providers advise you to consider the following:

Repair Leaking Pipes

It is necessary to seek services from a skilled plumber to help trace water and sewer leakages in your property. Leaving these unchecked can result to dampened walls and floors, aside from increasing your water bills. That can cause mold growth, which will pose a health hazard to you and your loved ones.

Replace the Shower Head

Faulty and old-model showerheads often account for a significant percentage of domestic water wastage. Therefore, it’s best to request for a professional inspection to determine whether your showerheads are the newest models and if you need to replace them accordingly. Also, ensure that the plumber follows proper installation techniques to guarantee the shower heads are working efficiently.

Use Efficient Toilets

Some toilets require more water for a single complete flush. If you can relate to this, consider requesting your plumber to change your flush toilets to water closets that use less water. Currently, dual-flush water closets are also available in the market. They come with features that allow you to use varying quantities of water when flushing.

It makes no sense to have an emotional attachment to plumbing facilities that incur extra cost to maintain them. Switch your old faucets, tubs, showers, and heaters to those that use the least amount of water. An excellent guide here is to ensure that the gadgets you are buying have EPA’s WaterSense label for efficiency.

01 AM | 06 Jul

New Home? Top 5 Things to Do Before Settling In

Family New House

Now that you’ve handled the legalities, paperwork, or anything that has to do with buying a new home, what happens next? You’ve packed up from your old house and are now ready to unpack. Settling into your new house is the final leg of your home buying journey, but there’s still a lot of work to do. These include cleaning your carpets, checking for pests, or hiring air duct cleaning services in Indiana.

Let these things help you get started on the last list you’ll have to make for this journey:

Connect What Needs to Be Connected

This includes your Internet and your energy sources. Some companies may take weeks to reconnect your Internet when you move. Energy companies would require the same, so make sure you have this covered before the actual date of your move.

Update Your Address

All entities that have your home address must be informed of your address change. This includes banks, insurance companies, and all subscriptions you have in your mailing address. You won’t want autopayments coming back with a penalty charge simply because you didn’t inform them of an address change.

Change the Locks

This is the first safety precaution you should take care off right away. You’ll never know who has the keys to the current locks you have. Change all the locks from your front door down to the tool shed at the back.

Plan for Kids and Pets

If you have pets and children, making sure they’re out of the way when you start moving in your things. This way, you can make your move faster and easier. Have a friend or family member watch them over during your move to get things organized around your new home.


Construction, inspections, and all the other activities that took place in your house while it was being built can bring in all sorts of germs. You can disinfect your cabinets and walls DIY-style or just hire and supervise professional cleaners.

This should only be the first five items on your list. There’s still a lot of other things you’ll have to do like check for plumbing leaks or wiring options for your appliances. It may take time for you to get everything in order, but keep in mind that you’re at the home stretch now. You can soon sit back, put your feet up, and smile at yourself for a job well done.

02 PM | 03 Jul

How to Earn from Your Home’s Extra Room

Room Available Sign

Having spare rooms available in your house can mean additional business for you. Of course, it would mean preparing yourself for a few changes and upgrades here and there, but it will be worth the time and money. Consider the following options and what you should invest on if you do plan to earn from your extra space.

Short-Term Rentals

This can mean vacationers, backpackers, and even overnight visitors. You can offer your extra room to online rental services or even post your own public ads. Make sure the room is clean, has fresh sheets and towels ready, and all minor repairs are completed. Ready a lease agreement and make sure you have at least spoken with your guests over the phone before their arrival. Also, as Desert Star Heating and Air recommends, keep the numbers of emergency AC services and other maintenance companies for fast fixes.

Small Business Space

Having a profitable hobby such as baking, crafts, or even painting require its own space when you work. The same can be said for a small home office. Fix up your room to accommodate shelves, tables, and other requirements. Make sure you have enough electrical sockets for your equipment and machinery. Also, make sure that the lighting fixtures are sufficient for you to work comfortably.

Storage Space

The people in your neighborhood can be your first clients for this venture. You can ask around your community for those who need storage rooms that are clean and safe enough to house their extra stuff. You can rate your services according to square footage and length of stay instead of weight just so you can maximize your area’s profitability. Also, be sure to provide proper documents with complete information for your clients to sign.

Owning your own home can be considered a luxury by many but it can become a lucrative business given the right circumstance. You can start by making sure your whole house is clean, tidy and well-maintained. This allows you to still consider your house a home despite you using it for business.

03 AM | 18 Jun

Get It Right the First Time When Installing a Commercial Lawn

Well-tended lawn

The success of your lawn growing efforts depends on getting several crucial factors right from the start. With the help of reputable commercial landscaping services in Tuscaloosa, you can keep the lawn lush and green all year round.

Starting it right increases your chances of success while reducing the amount of effort that goes into keeping your lawn beautiful. Here are some tips to help you out:

Choose the right grass variety

Typically, turf grasses fall into three broad categories: luxury mixes, mixtures containing microclover, and the hard wearing. The luxury blends deliver a bowling green quality lawn that can make your ground the talk of the town. However, they are quite high maintenance, delicate, and not suited for areas with heavy traffic.

If you’re looking to create a low-maintenance turf in an arid area, choose the hardwearing varieties. They will require less mowing and will tolerate harsh climate to achieve a green lush look. If looking for a grass the remains green all year round with minimal input from your end, choose the microclover varieties. They are less susceptible to diseases and weeds, and they hardly need any fertilizers. The clover’s roots decay to release nitrogen into the soil and this keeps the grass green all year round.

Be sure about your soil type

As the source of nutrition for your turf grass, the type of soil on your ground influences the outcome. Typically, soils fall into three broad categories — clay, silt, and sand — each of which delivers different results. Sandy soils are quite infertile, which makes it tricky to establish a lush lawn. Tolerant varieties such as fine fescues do well in the northern climates, while Bermuda grasses and zoysia do well in the southern areas.

Tall fescue is an excellent cool climate grass for clay soils, while buffalo grass and Bermuda grass make the best choice in the warmer areas. Loam soils are the most fertile of the bunch and support a wide range of grasses, especially the less tolerant ones.

Creating and maintaining a beautiful lawn on your property is a delicate process that calls for a considerable amount of skill and effort. With the help of a lawn care expert, you can do things right and get the best results.

02 PM | 12 Jun

Pointers for Making Your Granny Flats Go Green

Granny Flats Go Green

If you have a personal advocacy to make the world a better place, you are not alone. A paradigm shift regarding a healthier and more sustainable world has inspired many people to join the cause. And if you are really serious about it, you need to start at home.

The best way to do that is by making your home greener. A greener home is good for you, your family, and the environment. Many think that it is challenging, but a few simple tricks can do the trick.

Here are some of the things you can do if you live in a granny flat in Sydney.


Just throwing your garbage can add a great amount of waste to landfills. What you should do is cut down such waste by turning some of your biodegradable wastes into compost. For example, food refuses, fruits and vegetable peelings can be used as components for your compost. Just make sure your compost items can easily decay.

Optimise your HVAC system

You may need to have an HVAC system to keep your room comfortable. But remember that some systems release harmful chemicals. On top of that, continuous usage of air conditioners can mean increased energy bills. Avoid such problems by optimising your HVAC system. Schedule the usage or if it is okay for you, just use it in fan mode.

Consume some greens

Some plants can make your home interior fresher and comfortable by filtering excess carbon dioxide. Just make sure your plants do not easily attract insects. If you have more time to maintain plants, why not start a small vegetable garden?

A green granny flat is not only comfortable; it is likewise attractive (especially with plants around). Encourage your family and friends to do the same for a much better world.

08 PM | 06 Jun

Why a Broken Window Can Reflect the Condition of a Home’s Foundation

House Builder Contractor

Households in the U.S. pay an average of $500 for a single-window replacement, but it may cost you at least $300 or up to $700.
In some cases, you may need house crack repair when you see the first signs of damaged wood or pest infestation underneath the broken window frame. Van Matre Construction, LLC warns that this would require a bigger budget and a greater urgency since the foundation of your home could be at risk of structural defects.

Cost of Replacement

Note that the price range between $300 and $700 only applies when the window would be installed in an existing frame. Those who need to replace old windows with energy-efficient types should prepare to spend more. For instance, it would require at least $3,000 to install 10 new windows in a typical single-floor house with three bedrooms.

If you need a window frame at the same time, the cost may increase between $5,000 and $40,000. A contractor may also charge you for a tight deadline on the project, the distance of your home (e.g. remote areas), and weather conditions.

Repair or Replace?

Homeowners can attempt to repair windows to save money, but only on certain conditions. In case of a water leakage, repairs would be doable if the water doesn’t pass through window seals. A do-it-yourself approach is also possible for single-pane window repairs due to a cracked or broken glass.

However, you would need to replace your window if you notice mold growth or pest-damaged wood. These pose risks to your health and the foundation of your house, so it would be better for a contractor to do it on your behalf.

If you’re still unsure whether to replace or repair your windows, it’s best to consult a professional who can offer expert advice on home construction and remodeling.

01 AM | 11 May

Risks Associated with DIY Rodent Control Methods

pest control service

Infestation of your home by rodents might cause you a major headache. They will eat your food and scurry around causing irritating noise and embarrassment. Most homeowners will search the internet for the perfect solution to their home’s rodent menace.

There are many websites offering advice on rodent control for residents of Boca Raton, FL. Apart from the fact, these control measures are primarily inefficient; they expose you to a lot of risks. Here are some of the dangers associated with DIY rodent control.

Possible Rodent Attack

Traps are the typical solution for homeowners who opt for DIY rodent control. These traps do not kill the rodents, but will significantly agitate them.

Any attempts to kill them at this point might result in you incurring severe injuries. Most store-bought rodenticides also agitate the pests, and they might attack you after ingesting them.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Store-bought rodent control products use toxic, harsh chemicals to kill mice and rats. Handling these chemicals irritates your hands and might cause grave injuries when inhaled.

Their improper application also exposes your pets and household to the chemicals. Your home’s inhabitants might be poisoned through inhalation of the powders or ingestion of the chemicals in food and water.

Exposure to Pathogens

There are many pathogens transmitted by rodents. Rat urine, for instance, spreads leptospirosis, which causes significant kidney and liver damage.

The saliva of rodents contains lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus which causes life-threatening meningitis, meningoencephalitis and encephalitis. Accessing their hiding places to place traps and rodenticides exposes you to these pathogens.

There is no need to expose yourself and your household to all the risks above and yet not get rid of rodents. The simple solution for efficient rodent control is to hire a professional pest control company.

These experts will assess your rodent menace and use the best methods to get rid of these pests without compromising your household’s safety.

06 PM | 02 May

4 Ways to Ensure Your Home is Private

home interior window design

Our houses are our safe havens, so we want it to be as private as possible. Even if you are not a celebrity, you know the feeling of wanting to be able to enjoy your personal space without other people peeking into whatever what you are doing. This is also a concern that is related to your home’s security.

Here are four tips that can help you make your home more private:

Install blinds

Having curtains is a cool way to have privacy in your home. But if you want to go more techie, it would be better to have motorized blinds installed on your windows. Motorized blinds are easier to manage as you have to push a button to open and close it. Look fora supplier of custom motorized blinds to make sure that your home is private.

Plant evergreens in your backyard

Plants are a great privacy tool because they are gentle and more natural compared to walls or fences. It would be preferable to pick evergreens as they grow all year-round and look beautiful.

Use frosted or tinted glass for windows

Frosted and tinted glass are awesome ways to still keep the light in a while not giving strangers outside a full peek at what is inside.

Have a security system installed

Nosy neighbors and strangers do not want to be mistaken for burglars. So the fact that you will have a security system installed in your home is already a big plus. People will try to avoid your home the moment they see the security cameras zooming in on them.

As the owner of the house, it is well within your limits to make sure that your home is private. If you are to enjoy your home, you should not have to worry about strangers knowing what you are doing inside.

10 AM | 20 Apr

4 Effective Ways to Clean Your Pool

Service and maintenance of the pool

Cleaning your pool isn’t science. In fact, the Kansas City-based concrete contractor who designed your custom pool probably installed filters to keep it clean. Keeping it clean for longer, however, requires more than just having filters. You also need to do your part. Here are a few tips to clean your pool like a pro.

Check the water chemistry

You should first check the pH level of the water. A pool that has a high pH level tends to look cloudy until all of it filters out. There are several affordable test strips that you can use to check the pH level of the water.

Keep the pool deck clean

Keeping the pool clean requires more than just cleaning the water. You need to ensure that the surrounding area is clean as well. So, try to clean the pool deck and ensure that you remove all the dead leaves and other debris that may clog the pool’s filters.

Regularly brush the pool

Try to brush the walls and all the corners of the pool. You need to ensure that you clean all the sides to prevent algae formation. Doing so will make it much easier for the cleaning agent or other sanitizers to exterminate it.

Vacuum your pool every other day

Vacuuming your pool is a great help, especially after the storm where your pool is filled with debris. You may want to clean the pool’s floor every other day or so to ensure that there aren’t any little debris pieces of rock in your pool.

Getting your pool cleaned regularly can help keep its pristine condition. You may want to consider hiring an expert who can do it for you to ensure that everything will be thoroughly cleaned.

01 AM | 28 Mar

What are the Advantages of Greenhouse Gardening?

a gardener inside her greenhouse

Greenhouse gardening offers various benefits that outdoor gardening cannot such as extend the growing season of your plants and provide them protection against bad weather.

You can have more control over the climate inside the greenhouse, so you can plant various plants without having to worry if the plants are getting too much or too little sun. There are several local greenhouse manufacturers you can tap such as Conservatory Craftsmen.

Here are more reasons to get a greenhouse.

Extended Growing Seasons

A greenhouse retains heat because it traps radiation from the sun within the structure, so plants that would otherwise not thrive in colder climates can have a longer growing season. This allows you to harvest and have fresh produce even if they are out of season.

Controlled Environment

A greenhouse provides a haven for plants because the environment inside is much easier to control than the outdoors, so fragile plants have more chances of surviving as they will not be subjected to the harsh weather outside.

It also helps isolate your plants away from pest and rodents that may destroy them.

Versatile Use

You can place any type of plant inside a greenhouse, from vegetables, herbs, and fruits to flower, and they will thrive. Even the most fragile ones can easily survive inside a greenhouse.

Furthermore, it does not only provide a gardening space but can also function as a storage facility for your gardening tools and accessories making them handy while you do your gardening.


Greenhouse gardening is also more environmentally friendly than regular gardening. This is mainly because the plants are isolated away from pests, so you don’t need to use harmful chemicals like pesticides to keep them away.

This helps gardeners harvest organic produce that are free from toxic chemicals.

Final Thoughts

If you are really into gardening, then a greenhouse is a good investment for you. Aside from being able to grow out of season plants, you get to harvest your own food, which helps lower your grocery bills. Plus, you can be sure that the food you and your family eat is free from toxic chemicals.