06 PM | 03 Nov

Buying an Old House in Fairfax, Virginia? Here Are Three Tips for Roof Replacement

Roof tiles being replaced

Fairfax has one of the most colorful histories in the state of Virginia. Founded in 1805, it saw the first land battle during the Civil War and experienced massive economic growth during World War II. By the 1960s and upward, it experienced an influx of domestic migrants who eventually found businesses and built their families.

For this reason, many of the landmarks and even homes for rent or purchase are already old. While many of them have been remodeled or upgraded to be more suitable to current demands, some may still require major repairs. These do not exclude roofs.

How do you go about it? For tips on roof replacement in Fairfax, VA, stbremodeling.com provides the following tips:

1. Request for a roof inspection

No contractor should provide you any roof replacement guarantee until they have already inspected the roof. First, not all issues call for a full replacement. Some may need only a partial replacement. Second, only when one has performed an inspection can they provide the best quotation for the project. An inspection will also ensure your contractor can advise the best type of roof.

Requesting for one should not take a lot of time. Most of all, it must be no charge to you.

2. Get the ideal timeline

Depending on how much work the roof needs, it may take a day or more before a contractor can complete the project. Either way, the company should be able to work around a tight schedule comfortably and assist you in looking for a temporary home while they fix your roof.

3. Know the right kind of roof material

When it comes to choosing your roof material, you need to consider two factors: design and function. Both should go hand in hand. While function ensures your roof can withstand harmful elements, a good design helps increase your property’s resale value.

The best roofing contractors deal with only the most credible vendors in the market. Moreover, they hold adequate certifications to prove they can install these roofs on your property.

Old homes can cause you many problems, but the good news is you can take care most of them in the most cost-effective manner. These include dealing with the right roofing contractors for replacement.