10 AM | 31 Oct

Avoiding Common Lawn Care Problems

Lawn Mower Cutting the Grass

Lawns are a great addition to a home and create a beautiful ambiance. However, lawns can develop problems, even the best-laid ones.

Industry expert The Lawnsmith states that some lawns require professional mowing services to thrive. Pest and diseases are the leading cause of lawn problems, but some issues arise due to the wrong choice of turf variety.

Some of these other lawn problems include the following.

Irregular Mowing

Majority of homeowners wait until the lawn is at the height of their ankles for them to mow. While mowing such greens can save time, you will be compromising your lawn. Regular mowing keeps the lawn manageable and helps get thicker over time. It may also be susceptible to pests.

Opt for a turf variety with a slow growth rate if you need to reduce your mowing time.

Mowing too Short

There is a myth that the shorter a lawn is, the longer it takes to grow back. Mowing your lawn too short rips the lawn, leaving less green and the lawn looks scanty. The best way to get a short lawn is mowing your lawn frequently leaving a part of the leaf that encourages both vertical and horizontal growth.

Too Shady

When it does not receive sunlight, the result is a sparsely growing lawn that is not attractive to the eye. The shade tolerance for your lawn also depends on the level of wear it gets. A lawn that receives high wear needs more sunlight to compensate for the tear.


It is obvious that lawns need watering to thrive. Nevertheless, no homeowner wants their lawn to be brown, and they tend to water so often. Unfortunately, too much water for the lawn is dangerous because more water results in more growth meaning more mowing and more pests.

Determine the water needs of your lawn depending on the soil conditions and weather.

Lawns need care to continue flourishing and avoiding the above lawn care problems will keep your lawn in good shape. You can get professional lawn mowing services in Minneapolis who can advise you and take care of your lawn on your behalf.