08 AM | 23 Feb

3 Tips for Effortless Air Conditioner Maintenance

Man fixing the air conditioner

Keeping your air-conditioner clean and well-maintained will not only help you save money, but it’ll extend its lifespan as well. It’s still important to hire air conditioning services in Jacksonville such as Jenkins Heating and Air to do the work for you.

However, you still have to do your own part to keep your air-conditioning (HVAC) in top shape. So, how do you maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning unit?

Replace and Clean Air Filter

Cleaning your AC’s air filter should be your topmost priority when it comes to maintenance. You may do it once a month during high-use seasons, and once during spring and fall. You may also consider replacing it if it becomes too dirty.

Dust, dirt, and allergen particles are trapped in these filters, which causes it to clog. Too much dirt residue trapped may lead to asthma and allergy attacks.

See If The Wirings Are Working Properly

Before checking any of the wirings, make sure that the unit’s power is turned off. You may do so by disconnecting it from the outdoor unit or accessing the breaker panel of your home. See if there are any signs of overheating and make sure that the electrical connections are tight.

You may call an air conditioning expert if you see any signs of a problem or if you’re not comfortable doing it.

Remove Any Debris

You should remove any dead leaves, dirt, or grass clipping on the air conditioning unit. Doing so will increase the system’s capacity to create air flow. You may use a garden hose to remove any debris gently once you shut the power off to the unit.

Remember not to use a power washer, or it may loosen up a few screws on the unit. You may also remove the fan cage using a screwdriver or wrench and clean it by hand.

These are just some of the tips on how to maintain your AC system and ensure that it’ll be working properly in the years to come. Always remember that an air conditioning system can be really useful especially during the summer.

That’s why it’s important to know how to maintain them properly to ensure that it’ll work for years to come.